Our mission statement

In the ENDO Rehab Centre we offer our patients ambulatory or in-patient rehabilitation with excellent medical care after operations, trauma- or sport injuries as well as orthopedic and neurological diseases.

We work with all insurances and professional insurance associations. We thereby accompany our patients on their individual path to the largest possible autonomy and quality of life. This is the mandatory mission statement which is the foundation for our daily work and motivates us to contribute an important part to the recovery of our patients.

Patient orientation

The patient is in the focus of our actions. Due to a diversely educated interdisciplinary team we are in the position to ensure the largest possible therapeutic success. We are ambitious to work on a lasting health consciousness and autonomous behaviour with our patients. We use all resources in the recovery process so that the patients can take part in their professional and private life quickly.

Regular internal and external advanced education programmes keep us up-to-date on scientific topics. This knowledge combined with our large experience allow us to offer an individual and integral therapy concept adapted to the needs of the patient. The possibility to contact us at any time ensures a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Employee orientation

Respectful and open contact as well as mutual regard, define our daily work. We address problems objectively and are solution oriented. The team spirit and helpfulness among each other additionally supports our motivation. Our close collaboration leads to good communication, also regarding patients.

Cooperation partner

As excellent and reliable partner for our referring parties we see ourselves as a connection between patients and their families, the treating physicians and clinics, employers and cost absorption units. Efficiency and personal responsibility shape our behaviour and lift our quality demands over the treatment standards. Quick and friendly communication ensures that the treating physicians are continuously informed. This allows an optimal rehabilitation for our patients throuhgout the time of recovery.


Knowing that management means responsibility a sure work environment can be built up, reflected as creativity, productivity and motivation of all employees. Corporate management models cooperative behaviour, ensures an environmentally friendly handling of resources and gives clear structures. The respect and fairness support fluent communication. The support of individual personal and professional strengths of the employees, the inclusion into decisions and their transparency as well as their openness towards suggestions contribute to extend the identification with the company on an every day basis.