Shoulder Surgery

The complete spectrum of shoulder surgery, from shoulder arthroscopy and cap endoprosthesis to the complete shoulder endoprosthesis, is offered at the HELIOS ENDO-Clinic. Additionally elbow joint endoprosthesis up to complete replacement of the humerus are implanted.Implantation of finger endoprosthesis are currently not carried out at the HELIOS ENDO-Clinic.

Open Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Shoulder Joint
Shoulder arthroscopy: (Dres: Neumann, Junghans)
Arthroscopic Surgery of the subacromial space
Arthroscopic stabilization
Arthroscopic surgery of the long bicep tendon
Arthroscopic surgery of the rotator cuff
Arthroscopic capsulotomy
Arthroscopic therapy with  early arthrosis
Arthroscopic infection treatment

Shoulder Endoprosthetics: (Dres. Neumann, Junghans)
Cap prosthesis
Shaftless prosthesis
Shaft-guided prosthesis
Inverse shoulder prothesis
Aseptic exchange shoulder endoprosthesis
Septic exchange shoulder endoprosthesis