For your comfort


Your stay at the HELIOS Hospitals will be as personal and individualized as possible in order to provide you with a feeling of trust, security and wellbeing. Our entire service staff has been well trained in cultural diversity and languages, they are experienced in interacting with patients from all over the world.

A specially developed facility concept

Our services are all designed to meet your needs, wants and demands. The specially developed facility concept provides you with a pleasant environment in which you can relax and recuperate. Tea, coffee and cakes are served in the afternoon. An additional menu for our patients and their guests creates the culinary difference.

Feel free to ask

Our service personnel are happy to accomodate any special meal or beverage requests during your stay with us. Also, magazines, newspapers and television broadcasts are available in your native language to keep you informed on current events. A wide selection in internationally published books is available on request. Please let us know your preferences and we will be happy to comply.