Knee Endoprosthetics

Primary Surgery:
The knee endoprosthetics at the HELIOS ENDO-Clinic follows the principle of the defect-adequate treatment. The localization of the wearout-damage in the joint, the extent of the malposition of the leg (bandy leg, knock leg), as well as the situation of the ligamentous apparatus give the reason for the choice of the endoprosthetic system.

With a ligamentous apparatus in good condition, a so called surface prosthesis, can be implanted (sliding prosthesis and surface replacement prosthesis).

For advanced instabilities, coupled endoprostheses systems are used (rotation knee endoprosthsis, hinge endoprosthesis).

A computer-aided navigation is not performed, The measuring of the leg axis is carried out preoperatively and intraoperatively with intramedullar and extramedullar instruments.

Exchange Surgery:
Knee prosthesis are also exchangeable, whether surface replacement prosthesis or coupled cemented endoprosthesis with long handles.

Advanced bone substance losses require osseous reconstruction. In case of extensive substance defects special implants are necessary.