Neurosurgery and Spine Surgery

The department for neurosurgery and spine surgery is lead interdisciplinary by neurosurgical and orthopedic specialists. Primarily surgeries on the spine are performed including the spinal meninx and spinal cord, but also at the peripheral nervous system. This includes microsurgical and minimally-invasive intervertebral disc surgeries including the implantation of disc-endoprostheses as well as decompression surgery with stenosis (compression of the spinal canal) of the complete spine. Furthermore, surgeries (corrections, stabilizations and fusions) of instabilities and degenerative deformations (spondylolisthesis and scoliosis), tumor surgeries of the osseous spine and spinal meninx, spinal nerves and spinal cord under the use of neuronavigation and interventions for spinal infections are part of the offered spectrum. Decompression surgeries and tumor surgeries are performed at the peripheral nerves.